The Law Office of Assaad Ataya is specialized in providing legal advice in the field of civil, commercial, and family law. The starting point of our work is our clients to whom we provide a complete legal solution at the highest expert level in regard to the individual requirements and needs. The organization of our law office emphasizes this starting point and is based on the following principles:


·                    Our law office covers all key legal areas which are essential for the field of civil, commercial, and family law. We cover most legal fields ourselves, although some (predominantly criminal law) are covered in cooperation with contractually linked law offices which are integrated in our team if needed.

·                    Various legal experts cover a variety of legal fields and participate in ensuring that our client is provided with the complete and expert solution, seeing that only specialization enables expert advising and the best advice for our client.

·                    Each of our clients has his own custodian who makes sure at any given time that the client’s requirements are fulfilled.


The cooperation with our clients is mostly long-term. So we make an effort to decrease the legal risk to the lowest possible level and with careful advising enable a comparative market advantage to the client also in this field.


Our clients


We cannot reveal our clients’ identity due to business ethics and protection of business secrets (confidentiality). We also assure complete secrecy to all of our new clients.


Our clients is mostly made up of commercial companies (large, medium-sized and small), although we cooperate with a number of clients from other sectors (chambers, public and private institutes, associations, funds, natural persons).


Our clients do business in various fields of work, for example:


·                    Commerce/trade

·                    Construction and engineering

·                    Food industry

·                    Health

·                    Real estate development

·                    Advisory activities (management consulting, advertising, public relations…)